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We help business owners and management create or diversify new businesses or ventures from scratch, explore new opportunities, look ahead into the future and plan their business’ path then cascade these visions into actionable, achievable and measurable plans.


Our work serves to accelerate businesses by making them more efficient, planning their market growth (in both local and overseas markets) and supporting investment like new partners, business sales or mergers.


We work with businesses to help them revise their business models. Transformation types can be various from a radical business model change to an evolution of the current model. Regardless of the type, the objectives are always to increase profitability, align to customer needs or further target market needs.


In carrying out our work, we enable business owners and managers to take on knowledge and skills that will enable them to be self-sufficient and run the business into the future. Our preference it to do this directly through the projects we work on however focused training sessions can also be carried out.

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    Our Services

    Business Status Assessment

    A quick ‘health-check’ of a business’ status at a point in time where CMG Consulta review the key aspects of the business structure, setup, operation, and business model. The Business Status Assessment delivers a short and focused report of actions that the business should take in the short and medium term to reduce some costs, increase revenue, become more efficient or start preparing for achieving some long-term goals.

    Business Optimisation

    Businesses that are already in operation frequently require a bit of tuning or direction. Efficiency is the name of the game, and we help businesses streamline their workflows, review their business processes, and even digitise them. Many times, these exercises require business process re-engineering or business transformation projects, and they result in transformed businesses and business models.

    Strategic Growth Assistance

    CMG Consulta assist businesses to define themselves, understand what sets them apart from others, define what they should aspire to achieve and how they can organise and grow to get there. Strategic Growth Assistance gives businesses the tools to monitor and update the strategy over time. It also includes looking into preparing the company for investment and seeking external investors, should the need arise.

    Start-ups and New Ventures

    CMG Consulta supports entrepreneurs in the process of taking an idea or concept, shaping it into a business, investigating its feasibility and even guiding on funding options. Setting up a business can be a challenging and daunting prospect. There are many different aspects that need to be considered, many risks to watch out for and a lot of uncertainty to navigate. Having said this, the voyage does not need to be intimidating and, with the correct guidance, analysis, and planning, it can be made less risky and more rewarding.

    SMEs & Family Businesses

    CMG Consulta help family business and SME owners to create a plan to structure the business in a shape that is not completely dependent on the owner. We help to create a clear space for owner’s children or other successors who want to work in the business as well as those who might simply inherit a portion of it. CMG Consulta works on the business to ensure that, once any shares are transferred, the business structure and the owners’ competence and preparedness to lead are all in place increasing the chances of a successful operation post succession.

    Selling a Business

    When business owners decide to exit the business and sell out, CMG Consulta help owners prepare the business for sale and even seek the purchasers. Selling a business is not as simple as placing a classified advert since there needs to be a process of defining what is for sale, what the required investor profile is and what the real value is to that investor profile. This definition and targeting the right investor are key to maintaining a fair price for the business and for ensuring that the business will have the smoothest of transitions with the introduction of the new investors.

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    Meet The Founders

    We have a passion for working with businesses and we embrace planning and forward thinking with goals in mind. Our approach is holistic and we believe in basing decisions on data and research while catering for the consequences of actions.

    Chris Meli, co-founder of CMG Consulta
    Chris Meli


    Colin German, co-founder of CMG Consulta
    Colin German


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