3 Things Actual Business Owners do in a Weekend

A work week has gone by and it’s been tough. Many decisions were taken, many people were spoken to, many tough conversations were made and there was continuous action. The weekend is now here and it seems like a great relief to see a gap in the week where the office is closed, clients are less available and staff are not at the office requiring support and decisions. It is time to switch off, disconnect and relax… or is it?
Working with business owners shows that the romantic notion of a relaxing weekend tends to be a myth for many. A lot of our work with them actually tries to move them closer to the ‘relaxing weekend’ reality however the process is frequently long as it requires undoing culture, habits and mental processes that have been built through time within the business. Our experience shows that the top 3 things most real business owners do in their weekend are:

1. Think

The week is busy and there are continuous demands on the owner. Staff drag the owner into the detail and require constant support. This puts the owner in a state of continuous action and reaction without creating the space for thought and planning. The slower pace of a weekend tends to put the owner’s mind in overdrive and they get flooded with thoughts of what happened, what could have happened, what should have happened, how it could be different etc… These thoughts are not necessarily constructive and they are also not necessarily conclusive yet they frequently drive the owner to…

2. Feel overwhelmed

The constant thoughts flooding the owner in their quieter time tend to create a feeling of being overwhelmed with the events happening around them in the business during the week. This tends to result in potential anxiety and concern and practically guarantees that, even if the owner is in the most beautiful and relaxing place, their mind will not rest. This also drives the owner to…

3. Doubt

Another very common thing we have found business owners do during their weekend is actually doubt. The overwhelmed feeling and the anxiety felt by the owner tends to push them to doubt their business, their role, their leadership and sometimes the whole existence of their own business. This causes the owner to feel a heavier weight on their shoulders while still knowing that on Monday they need to go out there to face the world once more with a smile on their face.
While these three activities that business owners do in their weekend tend to feel quite negative, they are actually a very positive driver for change. Our work with business owners shows that, when these activities are done, the owner is actually starting the process of driving a change within the business, a change that is very needed and critical for the business to go to the next level.
The reality is that all these feelings on the side of the owner tend to stem out of a situation where the business has grown around the owner without the plan or without actually managing to create an autonomous management layer that can handle the running of the business independently of the owner. CMG Consulta work closely with business owners and help to identify these symptoms, unravel the multiple facets to the situation and structure the business to make it future-looking and autonomous so that the owner can eventually look forward to living the dream of a relaxing weekend. If you would like to discuss your business or its future with CMG Consulta please get in touch.