Our work serves to accelerate businesses into the long term by making them more efficient, planning their market growth (in both local and overseas markets) and supporting investment like new partners, business sales or mergers.

Why "Accelerate"?

To Accelerate is to gain speed, to travel more rapidly, to go faster… and this is exactly what we work to achieve when we work with entrepreneurs, business owners and management.  Many strongly desire to accelerate their business yet they might be too tied up in the day-to day to achieve this or they might need an external push, assistance to structure their ideas or sometimes an external view of their business.


CMG Consulta work with business to help them accelerate their growth, performance or market penetration by enabling them to optimise their products and services, identify opportunities, study them, leverage their strengths and create an acceleration path that will enable them to achieve their commercial dreams.

Accelerating Efficiency

CMG Consulta works with the business to ensure that it is aligned to its current reality and to where it is heading.  Through time, there is a risk that some working methods cause inefficiencies, that become an invisible cost on the business.  We analyse at the business in the light of the current and projected-future realities to design solutions to deal with these matters.  A business is like a machine and, similar to a machine, it is important that a business is a well-oiled machine in order to ensure that it is as efficient as possible in carrying out its tasks and serving its customers.

Each part of a business operates with its own autonomy.  Accelerating efficiency looks at how the people, processes, and systems of a business work together like a well-oiled machine to generate the business results and accelerate business growth.

Accelerating Organisation

CMG Consulta navigate a business’ complexity together with the business owners to identify what core issues are causing the scenarios at hand.  We give business owners a general overview of their business and work towards identifying the root causes of issues or concerns that they could have in their business in order to deliver longer-term results instead of actions that that deliver instant yet temporary relief.  In a business, any issue, situation, or concern typically has many dependencies, conflicting objectives, different ideas, diverse experiences, and multiple characters all pulling in different directions and creating an impact on the bigger picture.

Accelerating organisation is all about ensuring that these core causes are uncovered to ensure that any recommended actions are directed at addressing the cause rather than what appears to be the result.

Accelerating Growth

Whatever the type of growth a business dreams of, CMG Consulta work closely with the business in order to ensure that the growth plan is commercially feasible and the business’ investment is managed along the way in order to ensure that the accelerated growth is done for a profit and not just at a cost.

Most businessess have dreams of growing … through expanding into different markets, different countries, increasing product lines, opening new locations, acquiring or merging with other companies… and the list goes on.  The method of growth depends on the business in question, the markets at hand, competition and a number of other parameters that need to be studied in order to select the most effective growth method before then being able to work with the business in order to craft a personalised growth plan that the business will execute in order to accelerate its growth.

Accelerating Longevity

CMG Consulta work with business owners to ensure that the business is planned and geared to survive well into the future.  Businesses are living organisms in their own right and they can easily survive longer than their owners.  In fact business owners frequently think about and plan what the future of their business will be once they are gone.  They might be considering selling all or part of the business, handling inheritance or even just retiring from being hands on.  In all these instances, the longevity of the business needs to be accelerated into the future by ensuring that ownership succession as well as management succession have been planned and are handled smoothly.  The planning goes well beyond the legal and regulatory aspects of succession and deep into the fabric of the business in order to ensure that the transition will be reliable, smooth and long-lasting into the future.

Accelerating Funding

CMG Consulta are familiar with a number of selected funding options such as Malta Enterprise funding, ERDF funds and other industry-specific options that could be available for businesses to tap into.  We analyse our clients’ investment needs and options while helping to accelerate their funding through recommending the most viable funding option available to them depending on the client company, industry and project in question.  Businesses dream of many projects and expansions that require investment in order to eventually give a return.  Owners face many sleepless nights on trying to prioritise these investments, study the viability of each projet and stretch the business’ reserves in order to maximise its investment potential.

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