CMG Consulta Outsourcing Survey 2020

CMG Consulta have run a survey on Outsourcing. Our objective was to survey multiple businesses in different segments in order to understand their outlook on Outsourcing and how they envisage this to change in the future. What drove us to investigate this subject is that in 2019 up to early 2020, through our work with businesses, we were already starting to sense changes to the way businesses were looking at outsourcing. When Covid-19 hit in Q1 2020 many businesses were impacted in different ways and we started sensing even more changing trends. The survey was there to confirm and challenge our feelings and to ensure that we base our understanding on fact and not purely on perception.
In business, it is critical to base decisions on fact and research and this is one of the core things we do with our clients.
We have summarised a few findings in the slides below. Please scroll through them and do get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss for your business.