Covid-19: Maintaining Clarity in Decisions Taken Under Pressure

Much has been written about the impact Covid-19 is having on our businesses, on our companies, on the reduction of demand, the concerns for jobs, the uneasiness about a company’s future and the actual speculation of whether many businesses will still continue to exist post Covid-19. Behind all this, one cannot forget the pressures felt by the business owners who are concerned about their business, their livelihood and the livelihood of their staff.  They are concerned on what can be done to address such issues. The tremendous amount of pressure business owners and managers are under because they are seeing their business crumbling for reasons outside their control should not be underestimated.
Business owners and managers typically operate in a very lonely space since they may not always be able to discuss business matters with others. The intensity of the Covid-19 induced pressure is an additional burden. The extended time period we are experiencing may be causing a big strain on their personal lives and on their wellbeing. This may be further impacting their confidence and their ability to take clear decisions about their businesses.
Business owners should not stay away from seeking professional assistance in the need to resort to professional assistance for accompaniment in decision making. Consultants like CMG Consulta are spending time with top management, sitting with them, understanding the situation and its impact and guiding them through decision making that is aimed at helping their company exist into the future and saving as much of it as possible, including as many staff positions as possible.
Covid-19 is leaving many casualties where the direct ones are reported in its mortality rate, however it is important to keep in mind that there are many indirect casualties in business and in jobs that in turn create strains on business owners and managers. At CMG Consulta we are sensitive to these issues and we are also very happy to accompany top management through this period in order to see them get stronger, survive this period and exit with a healthy organisation and team at the end of this Covid-19 tunnel.