In carrying out our work, we enable business owners and managers to take on knowledge and skills that will enable them to be self-sufficient and run the business into the future.  Our preference it to do this directly through the projects we work on however focused training sessions can also be carried out.

Why "Educate"?

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Lao Tsu

Education is all about developing people and equipping them to be able to stand on their own two feet.  While we acknowledge that we have a skillset and experience that our clients do not have, we firmly believe that, through working with us, our clients need to become self-sufficient in running their business.  Through our projects and interactions with clients we ensure that the clients understand the thought process we embark upon and the tools we using in order to be able to use these tools themselves in the future.  CMG Consulta are not interested in having clients depend on us to run their business.  We aim to transfer this knowledge to them and ensure that they are empowered to take their business to new heights without needing us at every step of the way.

Having said this, we are always available to support our clients with the decisions they take in running their business.  Our involvement, however, is there to supplement them and not to replace them in this process.

Educating on Planning

CMG Consulta work to instil a culture of planning for the future in order for the owners to know where they are going and to have goals and targets to work towards.  It is very common to have many business owners and businesses focusing so much on the day-to-day of the business that today is what really matters.  Businesses that take this short-term approach tend to only see the brick wall once they have driven straight into it.  Planning ahead enables the identification of challenges or obstacles well ahead of them actually being experienced.

Educating on Monitoring and Achieving Plans

We help business owners create tangible action plans that enable them to achieve their strategic business plans.  They can then put these plans into place in their business operations by cascading them down the organisational structure in order to ensure that everyone is pulling the same rope.  Once in place, activity needs to be monitored against these plans and progress measured regularly to ensure that achievement is on track.

Educating on Accountability

CMG Consulta work with business owners to ensure that anything that takes place in the business is assigned to a named individual who is accountable for the achievement of the task or goal.  “Everybody’s business is nobody’s business” Daniel Defoe.  This is very true in businesses and if an action or task is not clearly assigned to a person who is accountable for it then the probability is that this task or action will not take place.

Educating on Measurement

We work with business owners to help them create objectives that can be measured and plans that clearly define this measurement.  It is important for the business owner as well as for each staff member to be able to clearly know when a task is complete or an objective is achieved.  The only way to define this clearly is to ensure that a measure exists where an individual has no doubt as to the achievement or non achievement of a task.

Educating on Decision Making

CMG Consulta work with business owners to help them base their decisions on numbers and facts.  Gut feeling is very important especially when it is formed from years of experience however, gut feeling alone, can be quite dangerous to base decisions on since numbers and facts give a very real insight that can be clouded by human emotion

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