Selected Funding Schemes

Selected Funding Schemes Overview

CMG Consulta are familiar with several funding schemes that are available for Maltese businesses (self-employed, SMEs and larger businesses) to tap into to get assistance for specific investment or projects that they could be embarking on.  The discussion on schemes sometimes sounds confusing and daunting and CMG Consulta firstly understand what the client’s business needs and objectives are before actually embarking on an investigation of what funding can be applicable to the client in question.  In considering funding, it is important to consider, that what is important to the business are the strategy, future plans, and objectives and not the funding.  This means that the driving force of all discussions needs to be the business needs and direction with the funding following on once these have been established.  It does not make sense, for example, to simply initiation a discussion on funding purely to tap the funds without being driven by the business’ direction.

The Maltese Government provides several funding schemes to local industry (self-employed, SMEs and larger companies) to assist investment in areas that the Government is trying to grow or support.

In addition to these schemes, the European Union (EU) also provides funding schemes, some of which can also be accessed via Malta Enterprise.  Different industries could also have specific industry-specific schemes available to them through other entities.  CMG Consulta can help a business identify relevant schemes from a number of selected funding schemes that CMG Consulta are familiar with and they can also assist with the project definition, planning, application and monitoring of the project.

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Process of Delivery – Selected Funding Schemes

When considering funding schemes, the main aspects to the process are the following:

1. Business Need Definition

A discussion with the owners and management on what the business needs are, what investment projects are required and why as well as the benefit of these projects. Any funding would need to be investigated in the light of this direction.

2. Scheme Exploration

CMG Consulta will look into several schemes in the light of the investment that the business needs to make, and these are then presented to the owners and management together with the potential benefits of each.

3. Application Preparation and Submission

Should the owners and management decide that an application should be submitted for this funding, CMG Consulta can assist in documenting the project as well as preparing the application. The client can then submit the application directly.

4. Project Monitoring

Should the client so wish, CMG Consulta are able to monitor the project operation, documentation and filing to ensure that it is being run in line with the scheme’s guidelines and requirements and that all documentation and filing is being collected on an ongoing basis therefore ensuring that all paperwork is in order for any audits and for eventual claiming of funds.

Selected Funding Schemes - Typical Clients

Typical clients for the Selected Funding Schemes Service are self-employed individuals, SMEs and larger companies who would like to embark on some investment or project and are interested to look into how funding can be tapped to assist their expenditure.

Benefits of Selected Funding Schemes

Assistance in Funding

Businesses always need to invest to operate and grow. Tapping into funding can slightly ease the load since a scheme might be able to cover part of the investment for the business provided the business is eligible for the scheme in question.

Carrying out Projects on the Wish List

Most businesses have projects or investment on their wish list and these are placed on the back burner since funds are not available.  If a business is able to tap into funding and to therefore fund a percentage of the project, then a project that was shelved due to lack of funds might be able to be implemented and the business would be able to enjoy the benefits of the investment.

FAQs – Selected Funding Schemes

As a practitioner in your industry, you are more expert than CMG Consulta in the technical aspects of your business. CMG Consulta are expert in planning, shaping, structuring, and running businesses. For this reason, we are not restricted to industries since our expertise can be applied across the board and used to supplement your professional knowledge.
Malta Enterprise, the European Union (EU) and other entities issue funding schemes periodically depending on priorities agreed for a period of time. At any point in time there are many funding schemes available. Each scheme, however, has its target audience in terms of industries, size of company and other criteria and these need to be clearly assessed before even considering applying for any scheme. CMG Consulta are able to have a no-obligations chat with you in order to explore whether and what funding schemes could be available for any investment projects you could have on the horizon.