Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant (Malta Enterprise)

The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme by Malta Enterprise focuses on helping enterprises transition to more digital and environmentally sustainable busness practices in order to grow, enhance competitiveness and improve sustainability of their activities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Self-employed, partnerships and limited liability companies;
  • The economic actiity operates from a licenced commercial property;
  • This scheme falls under the de minimis regulations;
  • Firms who are defaulting on VAT, Tax or Social Security payments are not eligible;
  • The business cannot be an “Undertaking in Difficulty“;
  • The project should be of at least €10,000 having the aim to achieve sustainability, improved environmental performance or digitisation leading to growth potential;
  • The business should have at least 1 employee (full time self employed applicant is equivalent to 1 employee).

Aid Awarded

  • Maximum grant is €100,000 per project being 50% of the eligible expenditure;
  • A tax credit of €40,000 may apply (as an additional 10%, i.e. up to 60%) if the project meets one of the below criteria.  The tax credit can increase up to 20% more (to 70%) if the project meets any two of the below criteria:
    • It results in a new investment in Gozo;
    • It is carried out by an undertaking established for 3 years or less;
    • It is supported by an independent carbon footprint audit and assessment demonstrating a significant reduction.


Eligible Costs

The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant may support investments and modifications in plant, machinery, equipment, specialised technical support and investments in digital technologies.  Any investment needs to be maintained for 3 years.  Costs can be classified in the areas below:

  • Waste Minimisation – New solutions or modifications to existing plant/machinery that can result in reduced waste generated during production including reduction in packaging and increasing life-span of products.
  • Sustainable Materials – Investment required for a pilot project enabling a shift to more sustainable/ecologically friendly material.  This investment can improve product life span, help in a shift to biodegradeable packaging and the reduction/elimiation of toxic material.
  • Energy Efficiency – Investment to reduce the power requirements for machinery and lighting, improving building insulation etc…
  • Water Efficiency – Investment in solutions to improve water usage such as closed-cycle water systems and investment to store run-off rain water.
  • Sustainable Digitalisation – The adoption of technologies carried out by electronic devices and/or systems which make it possible to increase product functionality, develop online services (including setting up of online shops in shared marketplaces), modernise processes, or migrate to business models based on the disintermediation of goods production and service delivery, eventually producing a transformative impact.  These could include:
    • Increasing process efficiency through IoT and other technologies;
    • Technology to enhance logistics resulting in reduced carbon emissions;
    • Installation of building systems to optimise heat, light and power usage;
    • Industry 4.0 solutions leading to higher automation and rapid customer-focused customisations.


Summary of Rules

  • The scheme was launched in October 2021 and it runs until the 30th November 2023.

High-Level Process

  • Download the application form, and fill it in in consultation with the Advisor;
  • The applicant is to apply online on the Malta Enterprise Client Portal;
  • The application consists of an application form where the applicant will need to detail a business justification for the project as well as information on the sustainability objectives and a sustainability analysis;
  • Malta Enterprise is to review the application and issue a letter of approval specifying the terms and conditions of the award;
  • Work can only start to be carried out once the letter of approval is received.

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This document was prepared based on the Malta Enterprise Incentive Guidelines for the Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme as accessed on the Malta Enterprise Website on the date of publishing.