We work with businesses to help them revise their business models, processes and technology. Types of business transformation vary from a radical business model change to an evolution of the current model. Regardless of the type, the objectives are always to increase profitability, align to customer needs or further target market needs.  These also result in alignment or revision of the business strategy.

Why "Transform"? - Business Transformation

Transformation is all about changing.  It is about changing the appearance, attitude, structure, model, approach or even the whole core design of something.  Many businesses need to consider transforming in order to align them to the times, take them to the next step or sometimes even just to survive.  Transformation is a conscious change that needs to happen from within.


CMG Consulta delve deep into the client’s business in order to understand the fabric of the business and what makes it tick.  In addition we work with the owners to identify where the business should be aiming to be in the next few years and what would really be required to get it there.  The transformation process is a planned path that is set over a period of time where the business will be working towards the transformation by creating this change from within and re-defining itself, its markets, its culture and values, its products, and whole value proposition in a way that will enable it to become a refreshed and stronger business that is more relevant to its customers and possibly more dangerous to its competition.

Transforming Business Models

CMG Consulta analyse business structure, markets, opportunities and performance in order to help owners and management create new models or align the current business models to evolved customer or market requirements.  Once a business has been in operation for some time, it is a common occurence for it to have been so busy managing the operations that it did not realign itself to changing customer and market trends.

Transforming Through Efficiency

We work with owners and managers to review the business’ operations and help them create savings through efficiencies.  While many businesses make a lot of effort to be efficient, an objective outside view of operations typically approaches the business from a very different angle to that of the owners and management.

Transforming Through Growth

We help business owners and managers clarify what growth means for the business, select the most appropriate growth options as well as create tangible plans over a period of time for this growth to be achieved.  Whether the growth is in size, in markets or in reach, different strategic options are available from market expansion overseas and market growth strategies to mergers and acquisitions.

Transforming Through Structure and Capacity

CMG Consulta enables businesses to create new structures in order to make them more effective in achieving their goals while also ensuring employee growth and retention.  Employees are needed to achieve business objectives and it is crucial that capacity is be planned in advance in order to ensure that the right type and quantity of skills is available exactly when they are needed.

Transforming Through Sale

CMG Consulta work with business owners to transform their business through selling a business or a part of a business or even acquiring other businesses.  These moves enable divestment of certain businesses or even investment and expansion in other business areas as well as creation of new businesses through mergers.

Transforming Through Succession

We help business owners look ahead, plan and ensure that the business is well structured and staffed to survive into the future once the owner is less involved.  Many businesses are set up by an original owner and as they grow they create a great dependence on the owner that results in bottlenecks hampering their operations and growth.

Transforming Through Investment and Funding

CMG Consulta work with business owners to identify funding options that the business can tap into in order to achieve its investment goals.  We are familiar with a number of selected schemes and we assist clients to assess the suitability of projects and schemes before any applications are made therefore increasing the chances of funding success.

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