Building Capacity

Building Capacity Overview

Employees are a crucial element in running and growing many businesses.  CMG Consulta work with the business owners and management to assess the current and future business needs and to develop a plan of action that the business can implement to achieve the required objectives.  Owners and management face many challenges in this area particularly when considering aspects like what resources will be required in the future?  What skills and aptitudes, will be required and how can the business, start planning for their acquisition or growth today?  The reality is that organisational structures, roles, and responsibilities need to support current and future business growth as well as to support the employee growth.

Other aspects relating to employee capacity that are frequently raised relate to employee growth, development, and retention.  CMG Consulta also work with owners and management to help them assess employees in terms of whether they are fit for the role that they are occupying, what training or development they might require to better align them to the role.  CMG Consulta are not a recruitment agency however we also support the recruitment process by fulfilling the role of the client HR team and assisting in drawing up job descriptions, defining roles and responsibilities, receiving, and shortlisting CVs and even carrying out interviews and filtering in the client’s name to then present a short, filtered and more relevant list to management.

In today’s volatile employment environment, many businesses struggle with retaining employees and with creating an environment that they will want to be part of and that will develop them.  CMG Consulta also work with owners and managers to understand the present environment, policies, and remuneration strategy with the objective of then developing policies and remuneration strategies that are attractive to employees while being beneficial to the business by creating incentives and increasing retention.

Process of Delivery – Building Capacity

Building capacity follows a core process that includes:

1. Understanding of the Current Employee Situation

Meetings with owners and managers to understand the current employee situation, organisational structure and employee policies.

2. Defining the Desired State

Meetings with owners and managers to define where the business needs to be in terms of its employee capacity, skills, aptitudes and other requirements.

3. Drafting a Plan

CMG Consulta analyse the collected information in terms of market and HR trends then draft a plan of action that can be presented to management.

4. Presentation of the Plan

The plan is presented to management and discussed with them so that it can be better refined in detail with them.  The plan could cover aspects such as employee profiles, roles and responsibilities, recruitment strategies, employee development strategies, remuneration strategies and other HR policies.

5. Plan Implementation

The owners and management can decide on how they would like to implement the plan.  CMG Consulta would be available to support and assist owners and management during the implementation.

Building Capacity - Typical Clients

Small to medium sized businesses that are struggling with different manpower issues like not having enough resources, employee retention, growing employees or planning for growth.

Benefits of Building Capacity

Strategic HR Planning

Businesses need to look ahead when it comes to planning their workforce. A Strategic HR Plan gives them the tool to pre-empt their needs and to plan their resourcing in a way that ensures employees are already available as the business is growing according to its plan.

Organisation Structures and Re-Structuring

The way employees are structured, and their roles and responsibilities need to support the business’ needs. An updated organisational structure ensures a higher degree of effectiveness of the employees as well as creates a situation where employees know from the outset where they fit in the bigger picture.  This is also crucial in situations where a business needs to change its objective or purpose and a degree of restructuring is required.

Assessing Resources

While a business might be operating and might have been operating for a while, there are frequently situations where management are not sure that specific employees are suitable for the roles they are occupying. CMG Consulta can meet the employees and help management assess them and craft plans to help them be better trained and better aligned for the required roles.  Assessing resources can also be applied during the recruitment process to ensure that employees are clearly assessed in terms of the required role before they are employed.

Supporting the Recruitment Process

CMG Consulta are not a recruitment agency however the process of recruitment can be managed for client from the role definition through shortlisting, interviews and presenting management with a selected and focused candidate list to focus the recruitment and save them time.

Remuneration Strategies

How staff are remunerated varies from industry to industry and from role to role. These strategies are crucial since they can make a business more competitive as an employer and they can greatly facilitate longer-term employee retention.

FAQs – Building Capacity

As a practitioner in your industry, you are more expert than CMG Consulta in the technical aspects of your business. CMG Consulta are expert in planning, shaping, structuring, and running businesses. For this reason, we are not restricted to industries since our expertise can be applied across the board and used to supplement your professional knowledge.
Once the Building Capacity Service delivery is complete and the plans are all laid out, owners and managers are free to choose whether to implement the plan and monitor the implementation themselves or whether to involve CMG Consulta. CMG Consulta are always available to support the owners and management, should this be required, in the implementation and monitoring of plans on an ongoing basis.