Start-ups and New Ventures

Startups and New Ventures Overview

CMG Consulta supports entrepreneurs in the process of taking an idea or concept, shaping it into a business, investigating its feasibility and even guiding on funding options.  Setting up a business can be a challenging and daunting prospect.  There are many different aspects that need to be considered, many risks to watch out for and a lot of uncertainty to navigate.  Having said this, the voyage does not need to be intimidating and, with the correct guidance, analysis, and planning, it can be made less risky and more rewarding.

Whether you are setting up your own new business or whether you have an existing setup and you would like to set up a new business line or setup, the principles to be considered are very much the same.  It is important that the business being set up is clearly defined in terms of the products and services that are to be offered, how these are to be offered, where they are to be offered, the competitive environment that the business will operate in and how the business will be financed and operated.  All this planning and analysis is crucial to ensure that the bold step being made to set up a new business is one that is taken based on fact and research therefore reducing uncertainty and risk.  In a nutshell it is important to ensure that the business is viable before starting to invest too much in its setup.

Process of Delivery – Startups and New Ventures

Once the planning is complete and a decision is taken to push ahead with the new business, CMG Consulta also help the entrepreneurs move from the concepts and idea into an actual operational plan.  This step is crucial since it guides the owners into being able to track the performance of their new business and its incremental setup and growth while managing the investment being made in this new business.  The objective here is, of course, to ensure that investment is made in line with the growth and returns depending on the entrepreneur’s risk appetite.

The process of setting up a new business, whether this is a new setup or an additional business venture within an existing setup, needs to follow a few pre-set stages:

1. Business Definition

Meetings with the entrepreneur to define what the business objective is and what the business will provide to its clients.

2. Product/Service Definition

Meetings with the entrepreneur in order to detail what products and services will be provided by the business and what resources, skills and knowledge would be required in order to provide them.

3. Environmental Analysis

An analysis of the environment in which the business will operate.  This includes the economic landscape it operates in, technological factors that could impact it, competitive elements and forces as well as other social and pollical factors that could impact the business in some way.

4. Business Model Design

Meetings with the entrepreneur to define what the business objective is and what the business will provide to its clients.

5. 3-Year Plan

A planning discussion with the entrepreneur to set a high-level 3 year plan for the business detailing what the business will do, what resources are required, the evolving structure and the plan it will follow to achieve this plan.

6. Financial Projections

CMG Consulta work with the entrepreneur and an accountant to prepare a financial projection backing the 3-year plan and allowing the entrepreneur to better determine viability of the business and alignment to their risk appetite.

Startups and New Ventures Service - Typical Clients

Any entrepreneur who has an idea and would like to take it to market or who sees a market opportunity and would like to exploit it would be a typical client for these services.  Entrepreneurs can be individuals wanting to explore new businesses on their own steam or with others as well as companies or existing businesses who would like to diversify or grow into different areas by exploring new business lines or new businesses.

Benefits of Startups and New Ventures Service

Business Viability Assessment

Entrepreneurs have many great ideas that they would like to develop into businesses however not all ideas can be developed into a successful and viable business. Assessing the viability of a business idea is crucial to ensure that the entrepreneur has a good idea of how worthwhile the business idea is before a lot of investment is thrown at it.

Business Planning

In creating a new business it is frequently common to push hard and run with it immediately rather than pacing it and growing it step by step.  Proper business planning enables an entrepreneur to have a clear visibility of how a business will be set up and what its monthly and annual objectives are during its growth.  This planning is crucial to ensure continued viability and success of the business.

Moving from a Business to an Operational Plan

While entrepreneurs have the great ideas, they do not always feel that they are fully equipped to make them happen.  CMG Consulta help the entrepreneur take the idea from a concept to an actual plan that involves objectives, milestones and measurables.  This empowers the entrepreneur to track how the idea is taking flesh and becoming reality bit by bit and daily.

FAQs – Startups and New Ventures

CMG Consulta are sensitive to the needs of businesses and to the impact of different costs on each business setup. We use this sensitivity when designing assignments with clients. The cost of an assignment is very much based on the value and effort that is given by CMG Consulta to the business. Where it is possible to have certain aspects carried out by the business’ own employees, we enable that to manage the cost. In addition, the shape and length of an assignment can be discussed and crafted in a way that will make the overall project feasible for the business. After all, it is also in CMG Consulta’s interest to make sure that the project and the business are feasible so, where possible, we will always facilitate that.
As a practitioner in your industry, you are more expert than CMG Consulta in the technical aspects of your business. CMG Consulta are expert in planning, shaping, structuring, and running businesses. For this reason, we are not restricted to industries since our expertise can be applied across the board and used to supplement your professional knowledge.
Once the Setting up Business Service delivery is complete and the plans are all laid out, an entrepreneur is free to choose whether to set up the business as well as to proceed with the actual setup and monitoring of the process. CMG Consulta are however available to support the entrepreneur, should this be required, in setting up the business and in monitoring the growth and operation on an ongoing basis.